Delirio caldo (Delirium) (1972) - Renato Polselli

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A respected doctor becomes the prime suspect in a series of gruesome murders.
Whenever I take a look at today’s big multiplex cinemasm playing nothing but dreck, I’m really happy, that, in better times, films like this one have been made: “Delirio Caldo” is a sick, a-logical and hilariously funny thriller, the nightmare of any “cineaste”. There’s lots of violence, psychedelic colours, stylish cinematography and enough of that naive “misogyny” prevalent in 70ies cinema to make any PC-feminists break out in tears. What else could one ask for? Be sure not to miss this treat. And, by the way, watch the continental cut, as the english-dubbed version has been shorn of nearly 20 minutes of fun!

Italian filmmaker Renato Polselli (aka Ralph Brown) wrote and directed this wonderfully sick and demented giallo thriller, a shining example of the sort of outrageous psychosexual perversity for which the genre has become cherished by cult enthusiasts.
Former Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay was already a sleaze favorite for his turn as Il Boio Scarlatto and his disingenuously tearful tour of his late wife's estate in The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield. Hargitay only solidifies that image here as Prof. Herbert Lyutak, a perverse sex maniac employed as a criminal psychologist.
Lyutak is first seen giving a young woman a ride in his car, eventually attacking her and chasing her through the woods to a creek, where he beats her to death. Lyutak's wife finds his bloody shirt, but because there is another murder while the demented shrink is consulting the police, he is cleared.
Working with the authorities, Lyutak has a family friend pose as a prostitute to catch the killer, but he simply murders another hooker not far away. The bodies continue piling up, with so many alibis and confusing contradictions that it soon becomes apparent the killings are the work of several hands.
Polselli keeps the sleaze factor high throughout, notably in some psychedelic nightmare sequences featuring Lyutak's fantasies of torturing nude women in his basement and in the murder of [the prostitute], which features some fairly graphic whipping and kinky sexual allusions.
There's also lesbianism, strangulation, and an interesting synth-rock score by Gianfranco Reverberi to keep viewers interested, and the ultimate conclusion is -- in keeping with the title -- a delirious, bloody battle between three psychopaths in a cellar.
That's only in the original version, however, because the American re-edit removed most of the sleaze, changed the setting from England to the United States, and added two extra murders and a police shootout, not to mention some dubious Vietnam flashbacks. The ultimate entertainment value to genre enthusiasts, therefore, is highly dependent on which version they see, as the extensive changes reduce a wild, flamboyant shocker to just another dull mystery. Gaetano Cimarosa and Stefano Oppedisano co-star. caldo 1972 pb.avi.001 caldo 1972 pb.avi.002 caldo 1972 pb.avi.003 caldo 1972 pb.avi.004

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