Kiseye Berendj (Sack of Rice aka Bag of Rice) (1996) - Mohammad-Ali Talebi

IMDB: A small child and her elderly neighbor are having all kinds of small adventures in the streets of Tehran to get a sack of rice. This is a minimalist film where nothing and everything happens depending on how you look at it. This is Seinfeld Iranian style from a child's point of view if you like. This movie is very different from your ordinary Hollywood kind of child movie. It is utterly unpredictable, very humane and extremely warm in its depiction of normal every day people. It also gives the viewer a rare glimpse in the poorer areas of southern Tehran. The actors here are playing themselves, so if you ever feel like to see a film that is not pretentious, warm, funny and goodhearted, then grab the smallest kid in the family and get to the theater. Berenj (Sack Of Rice)-Mohammad Ali Talebi (VHS RIP ENG SUB).avi.001 Berenj (Sack Of Rice)-Mohammad Ali Talebi (VHS RIP ENG SUB).avi.002 Berenj (Sack Of Rice)-Mohammad Ali Talebi (VHS RIP ENG SUB).avi.003

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