Confession d'un Dragueur (2001) - Alain Soral


Director: Alain Soral
Country: France
Language: French
Subtitles: none
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (4:3)
Length: 83 mns
File: Tvsrip / Divx / 543mb

Saïd Taghmaoui ... Fabio
Thomas Dutronc ... Paul

It's a movie based on Alain Soral's real life about "street seducers". A movie with a big touch of neorealism, about street seduction practiced generally by the poor people in opposition to modern and sophisticated ways of seduction like speed dating, cyber meetings, etc.. for rich people, generally.
Soral preaches the patriarchal model of society with macho "real" guys in opposition to the new model of society wanted by the feminists with weak guys and strong women. The movie is fast, good rhythm, great actors.



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