Casque Bleu (1994) - Gérard JUGNOT

(Comedie) Casque Bleu [DVDrip] 1994

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France 15 June 1994
Realisation Gérard JUGNOT

Avec Gérard Jugnot (Patrick), Victoria Abril (Alicia), Valérie Lemercier (Laurette), Jean-Pierre Cassel (Nicolas), Micheline Presle (Gisèle), Claude Piéplu (Pierre) ...

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Winegrower Patrick Ponsac comes close to ruining his marriage when he has an affair with another woman. By way of atonement, he takes his wife back to the Mediterranean island where, 13 years earlier, they spent their honeymoon. Not such a good move, as it turns out. The peacemaking holiday coincides with the outbreak of a bloody civil war. Having failed to leave the country, Patrick, his wife and their eccentric entourage are taken hostage by merciless guerrillas…


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