Autohystoria (2007) - Raya Martin


Runtime: 91 mins
Language: Filipino with English Hardsubs
Country: Philippines
Color: Black and White and Color

Director: Raya Martin
JK Anicoche
Lowell Conales

Autohystoria is described as a collection of digitalized memories of both reality and dreams. In a contemporary city, the story is told of two brothers: an older brother who has lived in the city for a while and a younger brother who has just arrived in town. They haven’t seen each other for a time. Parallel to this, the film looks back at a true event in Filipino history. In 1897, two brothers were executed for treason and incitement. The elder brother founded Katipunan, a revolutionary movement, and was accused of betraying the revolution by a rival faction led by Emilio Aguinaldo, who later became the first President of thePhilippines.



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