Moi & Mon Blanc (2003) - S. Pierre YAMEOGO

(Comedie dramatique) Moi & Mon Blanc [DVDrip] 2003

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France, Burkina Faso 2003
Realisation S. Pierre YAMEOGO

Prix du public - Fespaco 2003
Prix RFI - Fespaco 2003
Prix de la ville de Turin - 2003

Avec Serge Bayala, Pierre-Loup Rajot, Anne Roussel, Bruno Predebon, Samuel Poirier

For the Frenchies -->,279

The fertile filmmaking community of Burkina Faso gives birth to another stark, social realist tale with this feature from director Pierre Yameogo. Me and My White Pal concerns the hand-to-mouth existence of Mamadi, an African student studying in France who becomes embroiled with violent gangsters when he intercepts a drug package and attempts to profit from it. While tending to cars in his menial parking-garage job, Mamadi discovers the stash, which his "white pal" persuades him to try to sell. Once he does, the twosome find themselves running all the way back to Burkina Faso to escape the dealers. ~ Michael Hastings, All Movie Guide


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