Haskovy povidky ze stareho mocnarstvi AKA Hasek's Tales from The Old Monarchy (1952)

Four of Hasek's short stories were adapted for the screen by Miroslav Hubacek. They mostly satirize corruption and bureaucracy of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy and hypocrisy of state officials.

1. Polévka pro chudé děti (Soup for Poor Children)
Prince Robert decides to continue with a family tradition and do a good deed - make soup for the poor children. He solemnly peels the first potato, and leaves the rest of the cooking to the policeman Pazourek. Pazourek sends for the brandy and falls asleep. The children take advantage of Pazourek sleeping to do some mischief, which might cause some very unpleasant surprise for the prince when he returns.

2. Schůze obecního zastupitelstva v Mejdlovarech (Municipal Administration Meeting)
Three candidates reached the last round of the job contest for the job of a local copper: the shepherd, the parish clerk and the stone-mason. All three bribe the Council members with beer and geese. There is no clue how to choose the copper, until the deputy asks candidates to slap the chairman.

3. Trampoty pana Tenkráta (Mr. Tenkrat's Troubles)
Matylda, the daughter of a high official, has to get married. But they must find her a husband first, as Mr Syrovátko, with whom Matylda spent the night, is married. The official's choice falls on his shy subordinate Mr Tenkrát. At first he is glad to be promoted, but when he realizes the situation, he manages to leave before the wedding.

4. Vzpoura trestance Šejby (Rebellion of Convict Sejba)
Regional Councilor comes to the prison to carry out an inspection. He wishes to see how church services are done, however convict Sejba refuses to do the altar boy, because he doesn't received a promised dumpling. While the Councilor is diverted by abundant refreshment, chaplain tries to persuade Sejba by offering him bread. Then he explains that he can't stand bread anymore, for he was sentenced for a theft of a single loaf of bread.

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