Montreal Main (1974) - Frank Vitale

Country: Canada
Language: English

Frank Vitale pushes boundaries in this independent, controversial story from 1974 that clashes two different worlds: the low-rent bohemian areas of Boulevard Saint-Laurent and the middle-class suburbs of Montreal.

Frank plays a photographer living among the assorted outcasts, junkies, gay/bisexual friends and artists populating Montreal's Main street. Quieter and more introspective than most of his friends, Frank meets Johnny, a twelve-year-old kid looking to escape the boredom of the suburbs.

For Frank, this new friendship both renews and confuses him. While for Johnny, it offers the freedom he craves so much. But this relationship is not without perils, and it will be tested, both from within and without.

It is this elusive coming together that is at the heart of Montreal Main. From the initial mystery of whether this androgynous creature is boy or girl, Vitale and young Johnny Sutherland always keep the audience on a cock-eyed keel. Just what is really happening between these two, and their quirky friends? The viewer is never quite sure if the meandering vines of these tangled relationships will wrap their characters together into true love or strangle them to a tortuous end.

The actors use their real names, and much of the story is improvised as it follows the friendship between the two. When the boy's parents (the actor's real parents) begin to get suspicious as to the nature of the relationship, they begin trying to break it up.

At times disquieting, "Montreal Main" is a cinéma vérité depiction of an offbeat generation, worlds apart from today.

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Duration: 1:27:50
Data Size: 871.22 MB

Video Tracks:
H.264, 652 × 364, ~23.973 fps

Audio Tracks:
1- MPEG-4 Audio stereo, 48 kHz (English Language)
2 -MPEG-4 Audio stereo, 48 kHz (Commentary by Frank Vitale, Allan Moyle, Steve Lack & Sutherland -- English)
3- MPEG-4, Audio Stereo, 48 kHz (Commentary by queer film historian Prof. Thomas Waugh -- English)

English and French subtitles included in the MKV file.

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