Carlitos y el Campo de los Sueños (Carlitos and the Chance of a Lifetime) (2008) - Jesús del Cerro

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Country: Spain
Language: Spanish

Carlitos Bermudez has two desires in life: first, to find a kind couple who will adopt him from the Spanish orphanage where he lives, and second, to become a soccer player for Spain\'s youth national team. With the help of his fellow orphans and his best friend Chunks, he sets out on a mission to prove his soccer playing abilities to the world and to himself. His biggest obstacle is Holipito, the bitter caretaker of his orphanage, who takes it upon himself to keep Carlitos from his dreams. With the help of Diego, a former orphan and now the orphanage\'s maintenance worker, Carlitos manages to evade the probing eyes of Holipito and to be accepted on the youth national team. Yet trouble pursues Carlitos even on his soccer team, the selfish player Ricki harasses him for having too close a relationship with his coach. After Holipito strikes a secretive bargain with a couple who plan to put Carlitos to work rather than care for him as parents, Carlitos sneaks away from the orphanage to play in the youth national team tournament. CARLITOS is a heartfelt story about one young boy\'s fight for his right to play soccer, while keeping his very essence intact.

Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: Separate English
Genre: Comedy/Sport
Actors: Guillermo Campra as Carlitos Bermudez, David Becerra as Trampas, Patrick Criado as Ricki
Runtime: 1:43:40
Format: avi
Size: 700 MB
English Subtitles

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