Autoreiji (Outrage) (2010) - Takeshi Kitano

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Country: Japan
Language: Japanese, English

The plot concerns a struggle for power amongst Tokyo's Yakuza clans, today just as likely to be playing the stock market as shaking down pachinko parlors, over which the Sanmo-kai clan holds sway in the face of constant betrayal and ever-changing allegiances. Sanmo-kai chairman Ototomo (played by Kitano himself) learns that his henchman Ikemoto has struck an alliance with the drug-dealing Murase family, and is not best pleased, to say the least. The ensuing retaliation triggers an orgy of killings, territorial invasions and score settling while law enforcement officers, too corrupt to intervene

     Video Coding: XviD                                          $
  $ Video Bitrate: 1768kbps                                     $
  $ Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1                                        $
  $ Video Resolution: 720x304                                   $
  $ Audio Coding: AC3                                           $
  $ Audio Bitrate: 448kbps                                      $
  $ Channel(s): 6ch                                             $
  $ Languages: Japanese                                         $
  $ Subtitle: Bulgarian                                         $
  $ Size: 1.70GB                                                $
  $ FPS: 23.976                                                 $
  $ Source: Retail BluRay

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