Take a Hard Ride (1975) - Antonio Margheriti


Director: Antonio Margheriti
Resolution: 576 x 320
Size: 700mb
Language: English
No subs

A western, with a twist: Jim Brown and Fred Williamson, folks not normally associated with Euro-made westerns, take it upon themselves to deliver a large payroll to a ranch in Sonora, Mexico, after the ranch owner (Dana Andrews) dies while on the road. Everybody who hears of this -- and I mean everybody -- goes after them. This includes the local sheriff (Barry Sullivan), an army of drifters and gunhands, and bounty hunter Lee Van Cleef, who recognizes Brown as a wanted man from years before.
"Take a Hard Ride" was lensed on location--not in Spain--but in the Canary Islands. You would never guess that a western could be staged in such surroundings, but the rugged, craggy, inhospitable scenery substitutes well for the old West. The photography is good in the way that it thrusts us into the action. A line-up of western veterans comprises the cast. Aside from Brown and Van Cleef, we get to see Barry Sullivan, Dana Andrews, and Ronald Howard slap leather. The action and the stunt work is superb, thanks largely to Hal Needham during his second-unit directing days before "Smokey and the Bandit" made him famous in his own right as a director. Jerry Goldsmith contributes a flavorful score rather like his theme to the James Stewart & Dean Martin oater "Bandolero."




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