Oretachi ni asu wa naissu (Ain't No Tomorrows) (2008) - Yuki Tanada

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Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

IMDB Comment: This film is about three young ladies and four guys who are known to each other in a high school in their senior year in Japan. The guys, save for the portly Ando, are obsessed with having sex and are pretty much jerks about it. The very pretty Akie goes for Ando, liking his "man boobs", as she is particularly well endowed. Another of the female students is having an affair with her teacher, while the third is completely unschooled in being who she is (she was menstruating and had no idea what it was about and why). You follow them through this time. Its not really a comedy, though there are a few amusing scenes. Its played more as drama, and it succeeds in that vein. You get some thought provoking moments, some revealing senses of self and some closure to the story. The actors and actresses are unknown to me, but they were pretty good. The direction is also good. Not a revelation, but mostly a serious film about growing up. I didn't love it, but I liked it.

Video Format: XviD
Video Bitrate: 1098 Kbps
Resolution: 624*336
Language: Japanese
Audio Format: MP3 VBR
DVD Runtime: 78 mins
Frame Rate: 23.976 FPS
Subtitle: English


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