Nära livet (Brink of Life) (1958) - Ingmar Bergman

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Country: Sweden
Language: Swedish


Kinonovella, uneventful, but the rich understated domestic drama, which takes place in a maternity home. It tells about three women, two of whom are eager to have a baby, the third - on the contrary, wished to get rid of it, but too late. The wishes of each of the characters are not feasible. First, a figure undoubtedly tragic, actually, and gets to the hospital to have a miscarriage. She endurance, aristocratic and unhappy, because smarter, stronger and nobler her husband (E. Yuzefsson), selfish and self-interested representative of a wealthy urban bourgeoisie. Her family is clearly divided, and the unborn child would have if not a family to bond, then at least brighten up the loneliness of such a worthy woman, whose role with restraint and feeling performs one of the best Bergman's actress Ingrid Thulin.

The three fates, three female type, three perspectives - as a blueprint for further creative director. And finally, one tiny, but psychologically and aesthetically crucial episode. In the middle of the film heroine Bibi Andersson will be released in a hospital corridor, to call for a machine to her lover, the father of the unborn child. The conversation was formed to fail, and the distraught woman gone slowly down the long corridor darkish back. And suddenly climbs like a girl ... She is really still a little girl and jumped just so - from childhood and thirst for life ... Bounce and go into a ward.


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