Merci pour le chocolat (Nightcap) (2000) - Claude Chabrol

Set by the placid shores of Lake Lausanne, the movie opens with Swiss chocolate factory heiress Mika Muller (Huppert) marrying celebrated concert pianist André Polonski (Jacques Dutronc) for the second time, in a ceremony where family business blends with gossipy intrigue. Without pausing to clarify, Chabrol introduces a second domestic unit whose daughter, Jeanne (Anna Mouglalis), herself an aspiring pianist, learns that she was almost switched at birth with Guillaume (Rodolphe Pauly), André's highly unmusical son by his first (or rather, his second) wife, dead some years ago in car accident. The tangled genealogy has intimations of Elizabethan comedy—as does the spirited Jeanne, who, intrigued with the possibility that she might be the biological daughter of the great Polonski, presents herself at his wife's hilltop chateau. POUR LE CHOCOLAT [SUBS] [CHABROL_ 2000].avi.001 POUR LE CHOCOLAT [SUBS] [CHABROL_ 2000].avi.002 POUR LE CHOCOLAT [SUBS] [CHABROL_ 2000].avi.003 POUR LE CHOCOLAT [SUBS] [CHABROL_ 2000].avi.004 POUR LE CHOCOLAT [SUBS] [CHABROL_ 2000].avi.005

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