La prisonnière (1968) - Henri-Georges CLOUZOT

(Drame) La prisonnière (1968)

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France 20 Nov 1968
Realisation Henri-Georges CLOUZOT
Music Gilbert Amy, Luciano Berio, Jean Laporte, Gustav Mahler, Anton Webern, Iannis Xenakis

Avec Laurent Terzieff (Stanislas Hassler), Elisabeth Wiener (Josée), Bernard Fresson (Gilbert Moreau), Dany Carrel (Maguy), Michel Etcheverry (Le chirurgien), Claude Piéplu (Le père de Josée), Noëlle Adam (La mère de Josée), Daniel Rivière (Maurice), Darío Moreno (Sala)

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Stanislas Hessler, the manager of a gallery of modern art, gets his kicks by taking lurid pornographic photographs of women. One day, his secret is discovered by Josée, the wife of Gilbert, a man who became well-known through Stanislas. Initially curious, Josée decides to witness one of Stanislas’s picture-taking sessions. Later, she is so attracted to Stanislas that she becomes one of his models. The tender and loving relationship that then develops between these two people is threatened since Stanislas is an impotent masochist. When her husband goes away to Düsseldorf, Josée decides to join Stanislas at his hideout in Brittany. Here, she becomes his mistress, unaware of the traumas that lie ahead...


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