Faustine et le bel été (Faustine and the Beautiful Sum) (1972) - Nina Companéez

Country: France
Language: French


Faustine is 16 years old and has yet to experience her first romantic adventure. Whilst staying at her grandparents' country farm one summer she becomes fascinated by the inhabitants of a neighbouring country house. These include two middle-aged brothers: Julien, who is divorced, and Jean who has recently re-married with a younger woman, Claire. Jean has two teenage sons, Florent and Joachim, whilst Julien has two young daughters, Ariane and Camille. Claire appears ready to seduce her handsome stepsons, but Florent is more interested in Faustine. Although initially excited by Florent's advances, Faustine soon realises that he is not the man for her. Instead, she falls for the charms of the much older Julien and imagines that he reciprocates her feelings.


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