El libro de piedra (1969) - Carlos Enrique Taboada


Julia is hired to be the governess of a young girl, Sylvia who has an emotionally distant father, Eugenio, and a new stepmother, Mariana. Sylvia insists that she plays with a little boy named Hugo - whom the adults all see is a stone statue in the courtyard. When strange things begin to happen (such as Mariana, whom Sylvia dislikes, experiencing strange pains) the adults begin to wonder if Hugo may be more than just an imaginary playmate.

Country: Mexico
Language: Spanish

IMDB: This might be the best of the few Mexican horror films. The story revolves about a statue of a boy which is found in the forest near the main character´s house. Legend says that the statue is not really what it seems to be. As with most horror films prior to the 70,s, this movie lacks gore or flashy fx but compensates it with solid acting from most part of the cast and a very creepy and uneasy atmosphere that leaves you looking twice over your shoulder or looking more carefully at the shadows in the corners even after repeated viewings.


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