Serial Mom (1994) - John Waters


Genre: Dark Comedy
Director: John Waters
Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: English (srt file)
Aspect Ratio: 1.66:1 Widescreen
Length: 93 mns
File: Dvdrip / Xvid / 700mb

Kathleen Turner ... Beverly R. Sutphin
Sam Waterston ... Eugene Sutphin, D.D.S.
Ricki Lake ... Misty Sutphin
Matthew Lillard ... Chip Sutphin
Scott Morgan ... Detective Pike (as Scott Wesley Morgan)
Walt MacPherson ... Detective Gracey
Justin Whalin ... Scotty Barnhill
Patricia Dunnock ... Birdie
Lonnie Horsey ... Carl Pageant
Mink Stole ... Dottie Hinkle
L7 played the role of the band Camel Lips

Kathleen Turner is an amazing actress. She never fails to impress me in every role she undertakes. Serial Mom is perhaps her finest hour, sick, twisted but hilarious in every sense. As Beverly Sutphin, Turner exudes humour and horror to great effect. The sheer ridiculous premise of Serial Mom is it's endearing quality. The idea that one woman could become so consumed with such minor occurances that she's driven to kill people is madness, but before you know it, your cheering Beverly on to wipe out the more annoying members of her town, and quickly. The cast are all first rate, Sam Waterston suitably bemused as Beverly's husband Eugene, and Ricki Lake and Matthew Lillard make nice early appearances as Misty and Chip. The killings and the trial are definitely the high points to watch out for here, and the fact that this is a true story makes it even more chilling. In short, it's just a very watchable, highly amusing film.


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