Robinson Crusoe (1997) - Rod HARDY, George MILLER

(Drama Adventure) Robinson Crusoe [DVDrip] 1997

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+ (English 1 CD Version)
USA 1997
Directors Rod HARDY, George MILLER

Avec Pierce Brosnan (Robinson Crusoe), William Takaku (Vendredi/Friday), Polly Walker (Mary McGregor), Ian Hart (Daniel Defoe), James Frain (Robert, Defoe editor), Damian Lewis (Patrick), Ben Robertson (James, Patrick brother), Tim McMulian (Crusoe second), Martin Grace (Captain Braga)

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Robinson Crusoe is an adventurer who hopes to find fame and fortune while traveling the seas but a gigantic ocean storm wrecks his ship and leaves him stranded on an uncharted island with skipper. Crusoe seeks out to survive on the island on his own. Then he meets Friday, played by William Takaku, who is a tribesman living on the island. First Crusoe is thrilled to finally have someone to talk to but then he discovers there is another tribe also living on the island. So Crusoe and Friday must team up together to take out the other tribe before they kill them.


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