Meine Schwiegertochter ist ein Mann (2009) - Edzard Onneken

All You Need is Love - Meine Schwiegertochter ist ein Mann (2009) - Edzard Onneken


Director:Edzard Onneken
Writers:Kerstin Österlin &Jessica Schellack
Release Date:3 November 2009 (Germany)
Genre:Comedy, Drama, Romance
Runtime:92 min
Filming Locations:Bad Bayersoien, Bavaria, Germany
Subtitles:English srt
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Saskia Vester ... Katharina Remminger
Jürgen Tonkel ... Christian Remminger
Jenny Elvers ... Vera Remminger (as Jenny Elvers-Elbertzhagen)
Andreas Helgi Schmid ... Hans Remminger
Manuel Witting ... Nickolas 'Nicki'
Franziska Traub ... Rosi
Johannes Herrschmann ... Alois
Heide Ackermann ... Pensionswirtin
Kerstin Dietrich ... Andrea
Wolfgang Fischer ... Moosleitner (as Wolfi Fischer)
Bernhard Huber ... Herr Kratzer
Frederic Linkemann ... Clemens
Thomas Meinhardt ... Standesbeamter
Stefan Merki ... Dr. Christian Rappel
Katharina Müller-Elmau ... Gerhild Huber
Maverick Quek ... Murasaki
Frank Röth ... Pfarrer Schmidtbauer


(Sorry about the poor grammar and language of the plot summary - there's very little information in English about this film. Likewise the subtitles, which I devised; there was only one set of very poor subtitles available, which I have adapted and corrected as far as possible, without going overboard, so there are still a few mistakes)

The divorced Catherine Remming lives in an Alpine village in Bavaria. One day she receives from her son Hans, who is in Berlin architecture student, the message that he wants to marry soon Nicki. As Catherine Nicki has never seen and assuming that it is a female name, it also falls from the clouds, as a man who turns out to Nicki. So far, she has dealt with has never been homosexual, and therefore do not know how they should react. Without further ado, they set Nicki and Hans out the door.
Both go into the village inn and watched the next morning by a villager when kissing. Soon the whole village is known that John is gay, and all the prejudices of the villagers appear evident. Even Hans’ father, Christian will not initially accept the homosexuality of his son. Throughout the film he was coming with his ex-wife, Katharina, however, see a closer and that her son has found the love of his life and it does not matter to them that we are dealing with a man.
Catherine takes her village choir colleagues relentlessly their mendacity in mind and Christian must recognize that his second wife Vera has spread a lie: She has claimed that Christian was the biological father of Jack, because they feared that the customer because of the homosexuality of her step-son Avoid their new car dealership could. Enraged, Catherine Vera knocks down and goes to Berlin with Christian, to Hans and his friend Christian’s and their complete solidarity to insure.
Later, the villagers once again let the words of Catherine’s mind, and John and Nicki could get married as planned on the Dorfalm. Treat them all singing their luck and the village choir for both “All You Need Is Love”.



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