Los viajes del viento [The Wind Journeys] (2009) Ciro Guerra

Los viajes del viento [The Wind Journeys] (2009) Ciro Guerra
Director: Ciro Guerra | Writer: Ciro Guerra | Editor: Ivan Wild | Cinematography: Paulo Perez | Cast: Marciano Martinez, Yull Nunez, Agustin Nieves, Erminia Martinez, Jose Torres | Genre: Drama, Music, Foreign | Awards: 5 wins | Runtime: 117 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, Avi | Language: Spanish, with English subtitles included in rar files (sub/idx) | Country: Colombia, Netherlands, Argentina, Germany

The Wind Journeys follows up Ciro Guerra’s well-received 2004 debut, The Wandering Shadows, with another odd-couple tale that is far more epic in scope. Both travelogue (it was shot in 80 locations in northern Colombia) and affecting master-disciple drama, The Wind Journeys has a polished ethno-musical appeal that amply makes up for its occasional road-movie longueurs.

Los viajes del viento was chosen to participate in the Un Certain Regard section of the 2009 Cannes Film Festival Official Selection.


Synopsis: Ignacio Carrillo travelled all his life throughout the villages and regions of northern Colombia, carrying music and traditional songs on his accordion, a legendary instrument that is said to be cursed, because it once belonged to the devil. As he became older, he got married and settled with his wife in a small town, leaving his nomadic life behind. When she suddenly dies, he decides to make one last journey to the Northern edge of the country, to return the accordion to the man who gave it to him, his teacher and mentor, so he will never play it again. On the way, he is joined by Fermín, a teenager who dreams of becoming a “juglar” like Ignacio, and to travel all around playing the accordion like he did....

Tired of his loneliness, Ignacio accepts to be accompanied, and together they start the journey from Majagual, Sucre, to Taroa, beyond the Guajira desert, finding on the way the enormous diversity of the Caribbean culture and surviving all kinds of adventures. Ignacio will try to convince Fermín to take a different path in his life, having learned that his only led to solitude and sadness, but he will have to face the fact that destiny has different plans for him and his pupil.

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