La Vie devant soi [Madame Rosa] (1977) - Moshé MIZRAHI

(Drame) La Vie devant soi (Madame Rosa) (1977) VHSRip

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France 02 nov 1977
Realisation Moshé MIZRAHI
Musique Philippe Sarde interprétée par Ivry Gitlis

CESAR (Best Actress) Simone Signoret 1978.
OSCAR (Best Foreign Movie) 1978

Avec/Cast Simone Signoret (Madame Rosa), Samy Ben Youb (Momo), Michal Bat-Adam (Nadine), Gabriel Jabbour (Mr. Hamil), Bernard Lajarrige (Mr. Charmette), Claude Dauphin (Docteur Katz), Mohamed Zinet (Kadir Youssef), Geneviève Fontanel (Maryse), Théo Légitimus , Nadia Samir

Madame Rosa, a former prostitute, lives in a top floor apartment in a mixed race district of Paris. Although her health is failing, she manages to look after the abandoned children of prostitutes, including a rebellious young Arab boy named Momo. An Auschwitz survivor, Madame Rosa imagines that the Nazis are still around and instructs Momo to protect her from them. Momo faithfully repays his guardian’s kindness by raising money to support her in her dying days, but he is curious to find out about his own origins.


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