La Traque (1975) - Serge Leroy


Director: Serge Leroy
Country: France
Language: French
Subtitles: None
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen (576x352)
Length: 91 mns
File: Tvrip (very good) / Xvid / 699 mb
Mimsy Farmer........... Helen Wells
Jean-Luc Bideau........ Philippe Mansart
Michael Lonsdale....... David Sutter
Michel Constantin...... Le capitaine Nimier
Jean-Pierre Marielle... Albert Danville
Philippe Léotard...... Paul Danville
Paul Crauchet......... Rollin
Michel Robin.......... Chamond
Gérard Darrieu........ Maurois
Françoise Brion....... Françoise Sutter
Georges Géret......... Le braconnier
Michel Fortin......... Le chauffeur de taxi

A group of notables go hunting in the woods. A young girl (Mimsy Farmer,who was the star of "More") ,becomes their victim. "La traque" (tracking) is not a misnomer cause the girl is tracked down all along the movie which includes violence and murder. It could have been an umpteenth version of "the most dangerous game" ,it is actually much more.Leroy beats Chabrol at his own game when he shows as his colleague perhaps never did, how the bourgeois can get away with complete impunity. A solid cast,featuring some of the best actors of the time (Michael Lonsdale, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Paul Crauchet, Michel Constantin..) gives the characters substance. And Claude Renoir's cinematography brilliantly enhances the silvan landscapes where the unfortunate heroine runs for her live.


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