La famille Fenouillard (The Fenouillard Family) (1960) - Yves Robert

This innovative though uneven comedy by Yves Robert, known for his droll sense of humor, is based on a late 19th-early 20th-century illustrated book about a zany, provincial French family. The Fenouillards (Sophie Desmarets and Jean Richard are the parents, Annie Sinigalia and Marie-José Ruíz are the daughters) are shopkeepers with higher aspirations. The Monsieur wants to run for mayor of their town, but the family acknowledges he has little experience of the real world -- and so they all take off to experience it together. After starting out by getting lost, the family goes through an odyssey that takes them to Brazil, the Antarctic, and Japan in a series of episodic adventures. Director Yves Robert has tried to evoke the ambiance of the silents with slightly speeded-up action and slapstick humor.

Country: France
Language: French

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