La Dentellière [The Lacemaker] (1977) - Claude GORETTA

(Drame) La Dentellière [The Lacemaker] 1977 BivX

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France, Suisse 27 May 1977
Realisation Claude GORETTA

Avec/Cast Isabelle Huppert, Yves Beneyton, Florence Giorgetti, Annemarie Düringer, Renate Schroeter, Michel de Ré, Monique Chaumette, Jean Obé, Christian Baltauss, Sabine Azéma ...

For the Frenchies -->,6756

During a visit to a Normandy seaside resort with her friend, Marylene, a fragile and solitary young woman named Béatrice is befriended by an arts student, François. Despite their intellectual and class differences, the couple fall in love and share a flat together in Paris. Whilst Béatrice is content to be in love, François becomes increasingly frustrated with her unwillingness to better herself...


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