Kavi (2009) - Gregg Helvey


Kavi brings us the story of a young boy in India, who lives his whole life in bonded labor. Working with his parents in a brick-making kiln, he is a modern-day slave. He has glimpses of hope every day through local children who play cricket nearby, but his dreams of being one of them are always crushed by the cruel foreman. When a chance comes for his escape, he must decide whether to follow an uncertain dream, or stay with the only life he’s ever known. Kavi is written and directed by American filmmaker Gregg Helvey and was shot in Maharashtra, India, in the local dialect. Sagar Salunke, who plays the title character, is a fantastic find, precocious but not so self-aware. He seems much more natural than most child actors. His story may remind viewers of last year’s Best Picture winner Slumdog Millionaire. It’s a hopeful story with a message behind it. Part of the film’s goal is to raise awareness about modern-day slavery, and its prevalence in the developing world.

2010 Academy Award Nominee Best Live-Action Short Film  

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Hindi with hardcoded English subtitles


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