Ip Man 2:Legend of Grandmaster (2010) - Wilson Yip



Aka : Yip Man 2: Chung si chuen kei
Release Date : 29 April 2010
Origin : Hong Kong
Genre : Action,Biography,History
Director : Wilson Yip
Starring : Donnie Yen,Sammo Hung,Lynn Hung,Huang Xiaoming
Video Codec : MKV
Run Time : 1:45:08
Language : Mandarin
Subtitle : English(srt)
IMDB : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1386932

During the Sin-Japanese War, Ip Man (Donnie Yen) defied the Japanese and used wushi to combat their aggression. After the war, Ip Man's family experience hardship in Foshan and eventually moved to Hong Kong start life anew.

Ip Man plans to teach "Wing Chun" on the roof of a building owned by newspaper editor Kan Leung (Pierre Ngo). A young boxer by the name of Leung Wong (Xiaoming Huang) and his friends asks Ip Man to become their master and thus, Ip Man gained his first pupils in Hong Kong.

Ip Man's pupil Leung Wong is then kidnapped by bully Wai-Kei Cheng (Yu-Hang To). Ip rushes to a fish market to save Leung Wong and there he meets the bully's master Chun-nam Hung (Sammo Hung). Master Chun-nam Hung informs Ip Man that if he wishes to teach wushu in Hong Kong he must accept challenges from masters of all wushu types within the time of burning a joss stick.

Ip Man realized that he must fight these other masters and so took on the challenge. The last challenger to Ip Man was Master Chun-nam Hung. The two masters fought to a stand still by the time the joss stick finished burning. Master Hung admiring the skills of Ip Man and was now allowed open his own wushu institute.

Master Chun-nam Hung was involved in a King of Boxing Competition and invited Ip Man to the show. Ip Man brought his pupils to the King of Boxing Competition. At the King of Boxing Competition a ruthless foreign man named Twister (Darren Shahlavi) insults Master Chun-nam Hung and challenges him to a fight. Master Chun-nam Hung is beaten to death in the match. Ip Man unable to restrain himself anymore, steps onto the stage and fights the King of Boxing ...



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